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Outer Limitz Hosts Corporate Events

If you are having a hard time finding a place in Orlando, FL to host your next corporate event, consider Outer Limitz! We offer physical fun, food, and interactive video games. Your employees will have the time of their lives taking part in team-building games. We also have an arcade with interactive virtual reality games for those who don’t want to partake in the trampoline arena with foam pit and basketball hoops. We offer many different packages to meet the needs of any sized company, and we are open 365 days a year to help when your employees get a little stir crazy in the office and need somewhere to blow off some steam!

foam pit with balloons overhead

Why Host Your Corporate Event with Us?

The tricky part of choosing a venue for your employees is getting everyone involved in the activities. Outer Limitz offers something for everyone! Our trampoline park will delight those seeking a physical activity because they can literally bounce off the walls. There is also a rock-climbing wall for those seeking a thrill. Does virtual reality excite you? We now have an interactive installation called BoxBlaster VR for you and up to three others to perform team-building exercises or get competitive with five different games in which to immerse yourself!

Why Celebrate at Outer Limitz

• Promote Team Building
• Celebrate Company Milestones
• Give Incentive to Work Together

We Offer A Unique Experience

• Organized Dodgeball Games
• Slam Dunk Contests
• Foam Pit Races
• Obstacle Course Races

We Customize Our Events

• Flexible pricing
• Food options
• Private room & facility rental options

Get Your Team to Bond Like Never Before!

Outer Limitz has hosted many groups in our indoor trampoline and video game arena. We get your team moving, interacting, and bonding like they never have before! You won’t find anywhere else in Orlando, FL that can offer what we do in our facility. No matter what interests your employees have, we have them covered with activities that use their minds and bodies to help with corporate team-building. Get started by filling out the form below!

Book Your Party Today at Outer Limitz