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Outer Limitz Gives Life More Bounce

Outer Limitz wants to give you and your family a place to come when you need to release some energy. Our floors and walls in the indoor trampoline arena help you burn off energy in a fun and highly engaging way. Play dodgeball, basketball, or just bounce! If jumping isn’t your thing, we offer plenty more at our facility. We have rock climbing walls, arcades, and a totally immersive virtual reality gaming system called Boxblaster VR. You and three other players can all complete in a number of different worlds to either accomplish a mission together or go head-to-head in fierce competition.

Fly Higher at Outer Limitz

Whether you need to plan your office’s next team building activity, child’s birthday, or are just looking for some entertainment; Outer Limitz has you covered. From interactive video games, to rock climbing walls, and more, we have you covered. Check out some of the attractions available for your family and friends at our indoor trampoline park with 38 beds lining the floor and walls:

Foam Pit
Netted Obstacle Course
Dodgeball Arena
Bounce Basketball Court
Spider Zone
Interactive Video Games
Zip Line

Special Rates and Packages for Parties and More

We offer plenty of packages and different rates to ensure everyone in your party has something to meet their needs for excitement. Rock walls, video games, snacks, trampolines, and more await guests of all ages at Outer Limitz!

Book Your Party Today at Outer Limitz